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Final testing at the final stage:

List of the latest changes for version 1.44:

Some info about "Reinforce Alert" (DWX 1_44 version).
1 - Captor Mk 60 (air user) doctrine fix.
2 - Air User Torpedo: Fix Doctrine.
3 - Mode "Direct Run" for torpedoes TU-142 "Bear and MK 3 "Atlantic" assigned by 5555 value MODE/FLOOR parametr.
4 - Bergamini FFG: MU-90 Torpedoes mode "Direct Run" - 9987 preset value (Default Setting).
5 - User Ships: Run To Enable default value fix.*
6 - Driveable IL-38 May: Fix loadout. PMK-2 CAPTOR allowed for loadout in bombbay #1 (ex-wing pylons).*
7 - Fix bug, when false message incoming about splash sonobuoy, when sonobuoy static and not fall into the water.
8 - SeaWolf, Virginia SSN: Trackers increased. 8 and 6 trackers per each sonar suite.
9 - Bergamini FREMM: - Weapons Control Station colors has been changed.
10 - Controllable Ships: SAM missile fix, weapon range launch, now not exited FC Radar range.
11 - Scenario "Sicilian Wedding" assembled for DWX 1.43 and later version play.
12 - Default Scenario "ASW Gauntlet" fix.
13 - Captor Mk 60 and PMK-2 CAPTOR (air user) doctrine fix - impact to the bottom is minimized.
14 - USER ASROCKs problem parachute drop - fix.
15 - Controlable Ships: SSM and ASROC missiles presets reworked.
The manual entry of the waypoint distance values is disabled, except for the first waypoint
for the ASROC missiles. It is necessary to use the moving waypoints on the display to exclude default bugs.
16 - The displays of the loadouts were redesigned. Now there are no empty tubes. The bug fix is Victor-III SSN and Trafalgar SSN with an unused empty tube.
17 - Russian kilos - fix tactical numbers of hull, correct names for the current moment and belonging to the class.
18 - The damage system was altered with respect to the tonnage of the vessels. Armor-Damage points were recalculated using the harpoon-3 formulas, as well as correction factors.
Submarines use correction factors for the number of compartments and the presence of a double hull (mainly for Russian subs).
Surface ships - the correction factors for the material from which the ship was built (aluminum aluminum plastic, etc.). Also, Soviet technology uses a correction factor of 0.9 for the strength of the case.
Torpedoes - the number of explosives corresponds to the coficient 6. (since direct contact with the body of the object at the point of detonation)
Subsonic missile - the weight of explosives corresponds to the actual weight of the explosive.
Supersonic and heavy supersonic missiles - the weight of explosives is increased by correction factors - since the effect of penetration of the ship's side and compression explosion inside the hull.
After recounting, the Armor Damage was scaled to the grid of the DW.
19 - Driveable UDALOY DDG: the graphics of the displays on most stations are redone.
20 - MILAS ASROC user missile: Range in ASW mode fix to 35 nmi (64.8 km).
21 - SILEX ASROC user missile: Range in ASuW mode fix to 48.6 nmi (90 km).
22 - User Typhoon 941 SSBN: Addded SAET-60M Torpedo.
23 - User OHIO SSBN: FireControl Station, preset for Captor mine was redone.
24 - Fix bug version 1.43 when SLBM missile, user ability to launch from any depth.
25 - New IceBergs objects added.
26 - An object was added to the landing pad on the ice floe for the helicopter.
27 - Iran: New platform added. Fouque LCT, Wellington UCAC, Ghadir SSW.
28 - Removed the default bug when a submarine (and other platforms) with a damage point below 100 can not be damaged by ice keels and ice coverage.*
29 - AI Helo: Distance launch torpedoes over target reduced.*
30 - User Ships: Radars sweep period set to real value.
31 - Driveable S-3 Viking: LLTV Camera changed to IR.*
32 - User IR Stations: Now mark contact with classification (Surf, land etc) instead unknown.
33 - Tu-142 Bear: Guns station - graphics reworked.
34 - Nav.map, sail brigdes, and external views places - compass has been replaced.(improved night and day visualisation)
35 - Akulas Fire Control Station: background color has been replaced.
36 - Removed the default bug when the periscope on the submarine player can not mark the helicopter or plane.*
37 - Removed the default bug when the IR station player, can not mark the helicopter or plane.*
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