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You will receive an incorrect installation. For example, sound files.

The il-38 dynamic campaign. Therefore, the briefing can not be unambiguous. The briefing will change depending on how you ended the first scenario.
For example, if the Japanese kill Juliett SSG, then the assignment will be different than Juliett will not be killed.
And even it will matter who killed Juliett. If she is killed by a ship and not an P-3 Orion, then you must additionally hunt for this ship, and it will be a matter of honor for you to drown this ship.
Therefore, it will be broadcast in the slide part along with the pictures.

In the BEAR campaign, there are no pre-established sonobuoys. As I said before - do not experiment with the installation of the add-on. You will only get errors.

PS: About bug Sonobuoys spawned: /EDIT/

It seems that this is some sort of default error.

It is in the next one (applies only to campaign files) - if you drop sonobuoys in the first scenario, they will be generated in the second scenario - regardless of whether they are installed in the editor.

And the condition of their generation is this: if you drop 5 buoys, then in the second scenario 5 buoys will be created by mistake by a game. If you drop 8 buoys, you will generate 8 buoys and so on.

And also - all buoys will be generated at the point where the LAST buoy was drop in the first scenario.
And also the type of the buoy generated by the game will be the same as the type of the last drop sonobuoy in the first scenario.

The game incorrectly reads the LOG file, or the LOG file itself is incorrectly recorded by the game.
Only the dead have seen the end of the war.

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